Family of Haavekost, Gijsbert and Wagener, Anna Catarina


Married Husband Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0013]
Married Wife Wagener, Anna Catarina [I0014]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0016] 1896-01-15 Amsterdam  
  1. Haavekost, Anna Catherina [I0022]
  2. Haavekost, Cristiaan Gerardus [I0019]
  3. Haavekost, Maria Elisabeth Magdalena [I0060]
  4. Haavekost, Elisabeth Maria Magdalena [I0021]
  5. Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0020]
  6. Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0006]
  7. Haavekost, Petrus Johannes [I0023]
  8. Haavekost, Jan Adriananus [I0062]
  9. Haavekost, Jentje [I0063]
  10. Haavekost, Adriana Klasina Elisabeth [I0064]
  11. Kleintunte, Leonardus Johannes [I0070]
  12. Haavekost, Martinus Cornelis [I0065]
  13. Haavekost, Jentje [I0066]
  14. Haavekost, Gerardus Petrus [I0067]
  15. Haavekost, Hendrik Gerardus [I0068]
  16. Haavekost, Heimag ? Daniel [I0069]