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Letter Type Date Gramps ID Person
A Adopted 1921-01-09 E0141 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1923-01-20 E0008 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1933-03-08 E0076 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
B Birth E0033 Haavekost, Hendrik [I0024]
    berekend rond 1806 E0032 Vervoorn, Joanna [I0018]
    berekend rond 1816 E0138 Velder, Frans [I0073]
    berekend rond 1819 E0030 Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0017]
    berekend na 1819 E0136 Brookman, Antje [I0074]
    berekend rond 1843 E0018 Haavekost, Hendrik [I0015]
    1846-11-23 E0019 Snabilie, Cristina Frederica [I0016]
    1848-03-28 E0132 Velder, Anna Catharina [I0072]
    1851 E0131 Wagener, Petrus Johan [I0071]
    1854 E0050 Flippo, Geertruida [I0030]
    1856 E0048 Mioch, Isaak [I0027]
    1872-08-19 E0022 Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0013]
    1876-02-15 E0017 Wagener, Anna Catarina [I0014]
    1881 E0056 Mioch, Isaac [I0033]
    1881-02-15 E0083 Vermeulen, Maria [I0046]
    1882-05-10 E0065 Sanderse, Adriaan [I0038]
    1883-11-17 E0093 Mioch, Jacob Cornelis [I0049]
    berekend 1884 E0148 Wilderom, Lena [I0077]
    1884 E0157 Sanderse, Adriana [I0080]
    1884-07-15 E0074 van Nieland, Frederik Rolaf [I0042]
    1885-10-12 E0058 Mioch, Geertruida Wilhelmina [I0034]
    1886 E0163 Sanderse, David [I0083]
    1887 E0054 Mioch, Elisabeth [I0032]
    1888 E0052 Mioch, Geertruida [I0031]
    1888 E0159 Sanderse, Pieter [I0081]
    1890 E0158 Schipper, Jacoba [I0084]
    1890 E0161 van Genderen, Grietje [I0085]
    1890-06-15 E0060 Mioch, Petrus Abraham [I0035]
    1892 E0062 Mioch, Elisabeth Johanna [I0036]
    1894-01-16 E0101 van Roekel, Wilhelmina Femia [I0056]
    1895-02-15 E0045 Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
    1895-04-14 E0026 Haavekost, Anna Catherina [I0022]
    1896-03-26 E0044 van Puffelen, Laurens Willem [I0028]
    1896-09-16 E0023 Haavekost, Cristiaan Gerardus [I0019]
    1898-04-28 E0112 Haavekost, Maria Elisabeth Magdalena [I0060]
    1899-05-01 E0009 van Lemmeren, Cornelis Gerrit [I0008]
    1900-09-28 E0025 Haavekost, Elisabeth Maria Magdalena [I0021]
    1901-07-29 E0024 Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0020]
    1903-06-28 E0007 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0006]
    1904-05-16 E0027 Haavekost, Petrus Johannes [I0023]
    1905 E0081 Houthuijzen, Willem [I0045]
    1905-09-27 E0113 Haavekost, Jan Adriananus [I0062]
    1907-06-23 E0114 Haavekost, Jentje [I0063]
    1908-07-18 E0072 Sanderse, Jan Pieter [I0043]
    1908-10-06 E0115 Haavekost, Adriana Klasina Elisabeth [I0064]
    1908-12-11 E0123 Kleintunte, Leonardus Johannes [I0070]
    1909-10-31 E0005 Bentschap Knook, Karel Johannes [I0003]
    1909-12-22 E0116 Haavekost, Martinus Cornelis [I0065]
    1911-12-18 E0119 Haavekost, Jentje [I0066]
    1912-01-09 E0071 Sanderse, Isaak [I0039]
    1913-04-20 E0120 Haavekost, Gerardus Petrus [I0067]
    1913-12-21 E0070 Sanderse, Aartje Geertruida [I0041]
    1914-01-24 E0079 Mioch, Anna [I0044]
    1915-09-01 E0121 Haavekost, Hendrik Gerardus [I0068]
    1916-04-25 E0068 Sanderse, Geertruida [I0040]
    1916-11-28 E0122 Haavekost, Heimag ? Daniel [I0069]
    1921-01-06 E0006 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1924-02-09 E0106 van Lemmeren, Johanna Catharina Elisabeth [I0009]
    1926-03-29 E0099 Sanderse, Adriana [I0055]
    1927-12-28 E0107 van Lemmeren, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0011]
    1931-11-06 E0105 van Lemmeren, Cornelia Johanna [I0010]
    1946-07-10 E0014 Bentschap Knook, Maria Jacoba [I0012]
    1949-02-25 E0000 Bentschap Knook, Adriaan [A00100]
    1960-11-26 E0004 Timmermans, Karin [I0002]
    1992-03-03 E0002 Bentschap Knook, Emmelie Sophia Constanza [I0001]
B Burial 1990-04-12 E0097 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
D Death 1909-07-13 E0091 Wilderom, Lena [I0077] Sanderse, Adriaan [I0038]
    1912 E0049 Mioch, Isaak [I0027]
    1912 E0051 Flippo, Geertruida [I0030]
    1942-01-02 E0111 Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0013]
    1944-03-18 E0133 Velder, Anna Catharina [I0072]
    1947-05-18 E0118 Wagener, Anna Catarina [I0014]
    1956 E0063 Mioch, Elisabeth Johanna [I0036]
    1960 E0053 Mioch, Geertruida [I0031]
    1961 E0055 Mioch, Elisabeth [I0032]
    1962-06-03 E0059 Mioch, Geertruida Wilhelmina [I0034]
    1967-10-07 E0087 Sanderse, Geertruida [I0040]
    1969 E0057 Mioch, Isaac [I0033]
    1974-11-23 E0102 van Roekel, Wilhelmina Femia [I0056]
    1977 E0082 Houthuijzen, Willem [I0045]
    1980 E0080 Mioch, Anna [I0044]
    1980-09-20 E0061 Mioch, Petrus Abraham [I0035]
    1986-03-04 E0088 Hilgeman, Dick [I0048]
    1990-04-09 E0096 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1999-01-24 E0147 Bentschap Knook, Karel Johannes [I0003]
    2007-03-29 E0100 Sanderse, Adriana [I0055]
D Divorce rond 1927 E0073 van Puffelen, Laurens Willem [I0028] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
E Emigration 1926-04-13 E0038 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
I Immigration 1927-04-26 E0039 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
    1927-05-21 E0040 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
M Marriage niet bekend E0034 Haavekost, Hendrik [I0024] van der Heijden, Jannetje [I0025]
    E0108 van Barneveld, Dirk [I0061] Sanderse, Adriana [I0055]
    E0153 Sanderse, Jan [I0079] Wilderom Of Wederom, Tannetje of Aartje [I0078]
    1838-09-12 E0029 Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0017]
    1838-09-12 E0031 Vervoorn, Joanna [I0018]
    1838-09-12 E0035 Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0017] Vervoorn, Joanna [I0018]
    1839-01-23 E0135 Velder, Frans [I0073] Brookman, Antje [I0074]
    1872-06-12 E0020 Haavekost, Hendrik [I0015] Snabilie, Cristina Frederica [I0016]
    1876 E0064 Mioch, Isaak [I0027] Flippo, Geertruida [I0030]
    1881-08-03 E0134 Wagener, Petrus Johan [I0071] Velder, Anna Catharina [I0072]
    1896-01-15 E0016 Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0013] Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0013] Wagener, Anna Catarina [I0014]
    1907-08-21 E0090 Sanderse, Adriaan [I0038] Mioch, Geertruida Wilhelmina [I0034] Sanderse, Adriaan [I0038] Wilderom, Lena [I0077] Sanderse, Adriaan [I0038]
    1907-08-21 E0149 Wilderom, Lena [I0077]
    1908-05-02 E0156 Popejus, Abraham [I0082] Sanderse, Adriana [I0080]
    1908-09-03 E0084 Mioch, Isaac [I0033] Vermeulen, Maria [I0046]
    1910-12-14 E0067 Sanderse, Adriaan [I0038] Mioch, Geertruida Wilhelmina [I0034]
    1911 E0162 Sanderse, David [I0083] van Genderen, Grietje [I0085]
    1915-08-11 E0160 Sanderse, Pieter [I0081] Schipper, Jacoba [I0084]
    1917-04-11 E0046 van Puffelen, Laurens Willem [I0028] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029] van Puffelen, Laurens Willem [I0028] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
    1917-05-16 E0103 Mioch, Petrus Abraham [I0035] van Roekel, Wilhelmina Femia [I0056]
    1924-08-13 E0013 van Lemmeren, Cornelis Gerrit [I0008] Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0006]
    1928-05-28 E0075 van Nieland, Frederik Rolaf [I0042] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
    1945-07-11 E0028 Bentschap Knook, Karel Johannes [I0003]
    1945-07-11 E0036 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004] Bentschap Knook, Karel Johannes [I0003] Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1949 E0085 Houthuijzen, Willem [I0045] Mioch, Anna [I0044]
    1989-09-28 E0003 Bentschap Knook, Adriaan [A00100] Timmermans, Karin [I0002]
M Marriage License 1939-12-22 E0095 Overduin, Jacob [I0047] Sanderse, Aartje Geertruida [I0041]
O Occupation E0092 Sanderse, Pieter [I0081] Popejus, Abraham [I0082] Sanderse, David [I0083] Sanderse, Adriaan [I0038]
    E0094 van Puffelen, Laurens Willem [I0028]
    E0117 Haavekost, Gijsbert [I0013]
    E0137 Brookman, Antje [I0074]
    E0139 Velder, Frans [I0073]
    E0152 Sanderse, Jan [I0079]
    E0154 Sanderse, Adriana [I0080]
    geschat rond 1924 E0125 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0006]
    1924 E0142 van Lemmeren, Cornelis Gerrit [I0008]
    geschat rond 1933 E0098 Sanderse, Adriaan [I0038]
R   van 1921-01-09 tot 1922-01-03 E0110 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1925-09-22 E0037 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    van 1927-06-00 tot 1927-10-00 E0143 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
    1927-06-11 E0077 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
    van 1928-01-00 tot 1928-04-18 E0144 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    tussen 1928 en 1929-06-27 E0145 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1928-02-24 E0078 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004] Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]
    berekend van 1928-02-24 tot 1933-03-00 E0086 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1929-06-27 E0146 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1933 E0066 Sanderse, Adriaan [I0038]
    1941-06-20 E0126 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1942-08-19 E0127 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]
    1945-07-13 E0128 Haavekost, Johanna Sophia Carolina [I0004]