Family of Mioch, Isaak and Flippo, Geertruida


Married Husband Mioch, Isaak [I0027]
Married Wife Flippo, Geertruida [I0030]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0064] 1876    
  1. Mioch, Margaretha [I0037]
  2. Mioch, Isaac [I0033]
  3. Mioch, Jacob Cornelis [I0049]
  4. Mioch, Geertruida Wilhelmina [I0034]
  5. Mioch, Elisabeth [I0032]
  6. Mioch, Geertruida [I0031]
  7. Mioch, Petrus Abraham [I0035]
  8. Mioch, Elisabeth Johanna [I0036]
  9. Mioch, Helena Geertruida [I0029]